Faaborg Museum is inaugurated 1910

Peter Hansen: The inauguration of the Faaborg Museum. 1910-12.
(232 x 390)

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The party is gathered in Mads Rasmussen's sitting room. It is June 24, 1910. We are in Faaborg and the sun is shining. We are in Mads Rasmussen's summer residence, in the winter he lives in Copenhagen. On this day the Faaborg Museum is founded. Peter Hansen was commissioned to paint this moment - the moment when so many wishes came true. By looking at this picture we too are surprisingly present in Mads Rasmussen's sitting room and together with the cheerful, restless party we wait for him to speak. Yes, he is already clearing his throat, ready to begin. He will now present the museum to the town and the art, and he knows that he has also thought of the future.

Grete Zahle: Peter Hansens Inauguration Painting. Faaborg Museum. 1985