Birkholm’s Echo

Birkholm’s Echo



The painter Jens Birkholm (1869–1915) is one of the central artists of Faaborg Museum. He was involved from the outset when the museum’s patron, Mads Rasmussen, founded Faaborg Museum in 1910. Birkholm lived in Berlin from 1892 to 1902, working with genre painting in the Social Realism vein.  Back home in Faaborg, he mainly worked with landscape paintings and genre scenes from the area, but he maintained close ties to Berlin.

The year 2019 marks the 150thanniversary of Birkholm’s birth. The museum celebrates by presenting the exhibition Birkholm’s Echo, a present-day echo of Birkholm’s constant oscillation between the two cities.

The exhibition offers a contemporary take on the present-day relationship between Danish and German artists on the vibrant Berlin art scene.




Centring on the Danish artist Ulrik Møller, who has acted as co-curator, the exhibition showcases selected works from the Danish-German contemporary art scene.

The exhibition is on display in the museum’s historic flat in the Konservesgården building, which housed the collections of Faaborg Museum from 1915 until Carl Petersen’s museum building was ready in 1915.

Artists featured:

Fritz Bornstück (b. 1982)

Heiner Franzen (b. 1961)

Philip Grözinger (b. 1972)

Ruprecht von Kaufmann

(b. 1974)

Ulrik Møller (b. 1962)

Vinyl – terror & – horror