IN THE NOW ROOM is a small temporary room with one artwork and one chair. The room’s paper walls are suspended from the ceiling with only the entrance and door, a chair and an easel with a painting touching the floor. The guests are encouraged to enter the room one at a time. In the room, visitors have a chance to meet an artwork one-on-one and without the presence and gaze of others. Other visitors are asked to wait in the waiting room on the other side of the small room. Behind the door, visitors are alone with an artwork as opposed to the rest of the museum where one is free to wander about, look and talk with others about the artworks on display.

IN THE NOW ROOM is part of the “Art and Presence” research project at Faaborg Museum and University of Southern Denmark with funding from the Velux Foundation. The waiting room is equipped with a small presence library with some of novels and the theoretical texts that are used in the research project. The lamps are kindly on loan from Le Klint.

Please also visit the one-work exhibition with Jens Juel at Brandts 13 in Odense.