Skindød. A temporary exhibition by Peter Callesen

Skindød. A temporary exhibition by Peter Callesen



Artist Peter Callesen in collaboration with Faaborg Museum has curated this exhibition. Callesen has used selected works from the Museum’s collection as the starting point for a series of new pieces made specifically for Faaborg Museum. The exhibition shows a series of new installations and works on paper inspired by selected works from the collection which can also be seen in the exhibition.

The exhibition’s theme is still-life or ‘vanitas’ paintings and from this reference point Peter Callesen has chosen works by three of the Museum’s foremost artists namely the sculptor Kai Nielsen along with painters Anna Syberg and Johannes Larsen.

Callesen puts the Museum’s collection in perspective working with motifs from nature (flowers and trees) and carries on a positive conversation with the sculptor Kai Nielsen and the painters Johannes Larsen and Anna Syberg. He draws out a religious perspective which is rarely considered when the Funen Painters are discussed. For example, the presence of ‘memento mori’ in Johannes Larsen’s dead birds and Anna Syberg’s flowers or Callesen’s re-imagining of Kai Nielsen’s lively ‘Marble Girl’ through paper sculpture.

Film about Peter Callesens work at Faaborg Museum.