Tegner and women as seen by Suste Bonnen
Tegner og kvinderne set af Suste Bonnen

Tegner and women as seen by Suste Bonnen



While Suste Bonnen is one of Denmark’s most talented photographers, she is also a sculptor whose work includes the bronze ‘Agnete og Havmanden’ (1992).


Bonnen’s approach to the work of her fellow Danish sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873-1950) is particularly interesting as she sees detail and form both with the eye of a photographer and the gaze of a sculptor.


The focus of the exhibition is Tegner’s sculpture from around 1915 when he conceived and produced a striking series of vigorous works.

It is particularly in these works that Tegner’s attitude to the relationship between the sexes is most evident. Suste Bonnen considers this relationship through black and white photography. The photographs show the human body in the same poses as those of Tegner’s work.


The making of Suste Bonnen’s photographs for the exhibition is documented in a film entitled ‘Tegner and Women as seen by Suste Bonnen’.


The Rudolph Tegner Museum and Sculpture Park has hosted this exhibition, along with the Art Museum in Ribe.