We offer school groups and students from other courses a special, instructive and enjoyable experience. You can visit this unique Museum on your own but you can also book a guided tour. Be amazed, be inspired and become more knowledgeable about art. We would be delighted to see you and can offer you some free advice before your visit on tours for both children and adults.

Faaborg Museum’s collection has many educational uses for both children and adults. We would like the artworks to be used for teaching activities which both illustrate the historical period when the work was made and also to connect with the lives and experiences of children and young people today. There are many opportunities to complement teaching in the subjects of the visual arts, Danish, mathematics and history. Both the Museum’s building and the artworks can simultaneously inspire creative projects.


  • Receive images of the Museum’s collection for use in schools. Contact us and we will send the material to you by email.
  • Gain free admission to the Museum along with your class and also during your preparations for the school visit.
  • Borrow up to 25 drawing boards, pencils and small folding chairs. Please contact us about this before your visit.
  • Book a room (by prior arrangement with the Museum) for your students to eat their packed lunches.
  • Discuss options for a visit outside of the Museum’s regular opening hours.

Please tell us in advance about your visit. Please call (00 45) 62 61 06 45 or send and email to info@faaborgmuseum.dk.