LIVSVÆRKER – a retrospective Keld Moseholm, the sculptor at 80

LIVSVÆRKER – a retrospective Keld Moseholm, the sculptor at 80



Keld Moseholm (b. 1936) has spent his career working with sculpture as his medium and life itself as his starting point. Through his on-going exploration of the human body, be they children, the young, adults or older people, using large-scale sculpture he instils a dynamic expressiveness in humanity. Life’s intimacy is portrayed as the artist’s own family – his wife and children – are the models for an extensive series of sculptures.

 A selection of drawings and more developed studies of portrait busts, statuettes and sketches along with drafts of designs and larger pieces are on display. The exhibition curates the artist’s practice and presents smaller scale pieces from his entire career. 

 A catalogue by Lisbeth Smedegaard (art historian and theologian) and Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen (Director, Faaborg Museum) accompanies the exhibition.

 Please note that the exhibition takes place in the Salon on the 2nd floor of Konservesgården. Unfortunately there is currently no lift available in this building.

 The support of the following foundations is gratefully acknowledged: Den Faberske Fond, A.P. Møller Fonden, Møllerens Fond, Ole Kirk’s Fond and Marius Pedersens Fond.