Ocean of Time – Morten Schelde

Ocean of Time – Morten Schelde



The exhibition Ocean of Time  is a journey through time and space. Artist Morten Schelde (b. 1972) quite literally and figuratively draws his way into the historic settings of the Faaborg Museum, taking over its very first showrooms in the flat formerly owned by the museum’s patron.

Reality seen through the prism of drawing

Over the course of the last 150 years, the art of drawing has transitioned from being primarily used for sketches to become a separate artistic field in its own right, producing significant works of art. With his artistic practice, Morten Schelde is a prominent representative of drawing as a medium and as a technique today. With the exhibition Ocean of Time, he presents entirely new works ranging in scale from the small A5 format to monumental pieces.

Morten Schelde’s art focuses on recognisable subject matter, depicting scenes of domestic settings and interiors based on photographic reference material. However, Schelde’s drawings add layers of something unreal to the familiar, intimate everyday scenarios, pointing out towards art history, literature, music, film and theatre. The motifs originate in carefully staged fragments of reality: interiors anchored in real life are transposed into a dreamscape. Through drawings, Schelde shifts reality and connects it with an inner world of the imagination that invites us, as viewers, to explore our familiar reality anew.

Oceans of lines

With the exhibition Ocean of Time, Morten Schelde takes over Faaborg Museum’s finely appointed flat in ‘Konservesgården’ – the Cannery Yard.

The flat served as the private home of the museum’s founder and patron Mads Rasmussen until the idea of ​​setting up Faaborg Museum arose.

Mads Rasmussen was a manufacturer of tinned goods and preserves, and his successful business ventures enabled him to pay for the creation of Faaborg Museum. From 1910, his flat served as the museum’s first exhibition venue until the museum building specifically intended to hold the Funen Painters’ art, designed by architect Carl Petersen, was inaugurated in 1915. In Ocean of Time, Morten Schelde engages in a conversation with Faaborg Museum in a range of new works where present and past – reality and dream – are connected through lines.

The exhibition is arranged in collaboration with the artist.


About the artist

Morten Schelde (b. 1972) is a graduate from the Funen Art Academy in Odense and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2001). His works appear in several museum collections, including the National Gallery of Denmark, ARKEN and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Alongside nine other Danish contemporary artists, Morten Schelde took part in decorating the Crown Prince Couple’s residence at Frederik VIII’s Palace in Amalienborg (2010).

Morten Schelde is represented by Hans Alf Gallery in Copenhagen.

More about Morten Schelde: https://mortenschelde.com/